Crochet Tutorials

Double Crochet Tutorial (For Lefties)

Double crochet is a very common stitch in crochet patterns so it is a very useful stitch to know. Abbreviated dc in American patterns, tr in U.K. and European patterns. Start with chaining 15. Yarn over with your right hand. 2. Insert your hook in the 4th chain from the hook (this is for the first chain… Continue reading Double Crochet Tutorial (For Lefties)

Crochet Patterns

Rain or Bowler Hat For Babies

One of my favorite things to crochet are baby booties. And while I was browsing on Ravelry I found this adorable pattern for Rain boots by Repeat Crafter Me. After making them I decided something was missing and decided to make a rain hat to go with it. After a search for "rain hat" on Ravelry turned up nothing,… Continue reading Rain or Bowler Hat For Babies