DIY Montessori Polishing Cloths

I recently finished these small microfiber cloths for a local Montessori classroom. These were a really quick (30 min for all 4) and inexpensive make, so I thought I’d share the easy method I used to make them.

DSCF0196 (2)

Finished size is 8×8 inches

All you need is:

  • a 16×16 inch microfiber cleaning cloth (I used Kirkland Signature’s yellow microfiber cloths)
  • a pair of scissors
  • sewing thread
  • a sewing machine


Take the 16×16 cloth and cut it into 2, 8×16 inch pieces. Cut each 8×16 piece in half again to create 4 – 8×8 inch cloths.

Warning: microfiber sheds like crazy when cut, so have a vacuum at the ready. 🙂

Since I don’t have a serger, I used the overlock stitch on my sewing machine to prevent the edges from shedding anymore. I used my walking foot to keep the fabric from snagging.

Repeat for the other 3 pieces.

And that’s it!

Let me know if you’ve made these or any other Montessori materials!


2 thoughts on “DIY Montessori Polishing Cloths”

  1. I have a Singer machine, and I tried to use the overlock stitch on my machine, but it doesn’t put the stitches nearly as close as yours. I am also making some Montessori polishing clothes. Do you have any suggestions?


    1. It depends on your stitch length setting and how far away from the edge you’re stitching. I used the standard overlock stitch and set the needle about 1/8″ away from the raw edge and made sure that the stitch length was such that the needle barely swung over the edge of the fabric. I also have a Singer machine and I think the stitch length I used was 2 or 3. I hope this helps and let me know how they turn out!


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