Ergonomic Crochet Hooks

I realized that after all these years of blogging, I have never really written about one of my favorite crochet tools – ergonomic crochet hooks. They are honestly one of, if not THE best investment you can make for your crafting.

5 years ago, I suffered a violin RSI and as a result it became incredibly painful to crochet for any length of time. I’d heard other bloggers rave about the benefits of using ergonomic hooks, so I figured I’d give them a try. I was pretty much addicted right away.

Warning: Once you use ergonomic hooks, you will never be able to use normal hooks again. You have been warned, proceed at your own risk. 😊


Benefits Of Ergonomic Hooks:

• Reduces stress on wrists and hands

• Increased speed & comfort crocheting

There are many different types of ergonomic hooks and which ones you get come down to 2 main things:
a. personal preference
b. price point

Personal Preference

Do you prefer a tapered hook or an inline hook? Hook material preference such as wood, plastic, or metal/aluminum also play a part.

There’s also the handle material to consider, do you prefer a hard handle such as baked polymer clay or a softer handle with a little give to it?

Price Point

Price ranges from $25/set to $25-$150 per hook. It really depends on your budget.

Both Boye & Susan Bates make ergonomic crochet hooks, and there are many wonderful and seriously talented artists on Etsy who make fantastic ergonomic hook handles using your preferred hook brand.
Clover Amour is a popular ergonomic hook, although I have not personally tried them.
Furls is another popular (but expensive) brand that make gorgeous hooks.

I suggest just trying one hook in the size you use the most to see what works for you.

What I use

I use & love Boye’s ergonomic crochet hooks. They’re lightweight and affordable ($25.29/set on Amazon), plus I like the colors.

Have you tried ergonomic hooks and if so, which ones do you prefer? I’d love to know!

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