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Summer Jumper Pattern

In honor of summer, this weeks pattern is the popular Summer Jumper Dress pattern. This pattern is one of my personal favorites. Pair it with my Cardigan pattern (free pattern) to make a complete outfit. A PDF of this pattern is available for $2.75, all purchases help support this blog and make it possible for… Continue reading Summer Jumper Pattern

Crochet Patterns

Overall Pattern

Our free pattern series continues with these cute overalls, one of my only non-dress Critter patterns. This is probably the most difficult of all my CC patterns, so be warned! You will need: cotton crochet thread 10/1.30mm crochet hookneedle, to weave in endsscissors Add this pattern to your Ravelry queue A PDF of this pattern… Continue reading Overall Pattern

Crochet Patterns

Morning Glory Dress Pattern

Today's dress is one of my favorite designs. This dress is a little different than my other dress patterns, in that for this dress uses fingering weight yarn instead of crochet thread. This helps give it that horizontal tutu look. A flowered headband completes the costume. A PDF version of this pattern is available for… Continue reading Morning Glory Dress Pattern

Crochet Patterns

Cotton Candy Dress Free Pattern

This dress, loosely inspired by children's dresses of the 1950's is the perfect play dress for you Calico Critter Child figures. Add this pattern to your Ravelry queue A PDF version of this pattern is available for $2.50, all purchases help support this blog and make it possible to offer my patterns for free. You… Continue reading Cotton Candy Dress Free Pattern

Crochet Patterns

Exciting Announcment!

Starting this Friday June 12th, I will be making one of my paid Calico Critter patterns available for free. Every Friday, be sure to check back for that weeks free pattern. The pattern PDFs will still be available for purchase if you would like an offline version of the pattern. All purchases help support the… Continue reading Exciting Announcment!


Calico Critter Diaper Pattern

Those little diapers that come with the baby critter figures are adorable, but once the little bows that hold them together come undone, they are almost impossible to re-tie, leaving your poor little baby figures with nothing to wear! Remedy that situation by making this cute little diaper for them to wear. You will need:… Continue reading Calico Critter Diaper Pattern

Crochet Patterns

Calico Critter Daffodil Dress

Inspired by the color and shape of daffodils; My latest Calico Critter design is this Daffodil dress. This is an intermediate-advanced pattern that uses front-post double crochet & a special shell stitch. The pattern PDF includes instructions for both adult figures (pictured) & child figures. I hope you like it! Pattern PDF cost is $2.75… Continue reading Calico Critter Daffodil Dress

Crochet Patterns

Calico Critter Overall Pattern + Sale

  Today's pattern is this cute little pair of overalls for Calico Critters. I got kind of tired of making dresses and wanted to make something gender neutral. This is the result. Pattern is for personal use only, not for commercial use. The price for this pattern is on sale for $1.75 until Friday July… Continue reading Calico Critter Overall Pattern + Sale

Crochet Patterns

Cotton Candy Calico Critter Dress

I realize that I am extremely late in posting my new pattern. June has been an incredibly busy month for me. This month's pattern is a dress loosely inspired by dresses from the 1950's that I'm calling the Cotton Candy Dress. I decided to get a bit creative with the stitches, using the waistcoat stitch… Continue reading Cotton Candy Calico Critter Dress

Crochet Patterns

Morning Glory Dress

This dress, inspired by the morning glory flower, is my latest pattern release. This dress is a little different than my other CC patterns, in that it uses a small amount of Shawl In A Ball yarn, instead of thread. It is also a little bit more difficult. I hope you like it! Note: the… Continue reading Morning Glory Dress