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Calico Critter Overall Pattern + Sale


Today’s pattern is this cute little pair of overalls for Calico Critters. I got kind of tired of making dresses and wanted to make something gender neutral. This is the result.

Pattern is for personal use only, not for commercial use.

The price for this pattern is on sale for $1.75 until Friday July 20th, after which it will go to it’s normal price of $2.50.Currently all of my patterns are on sale for 30% off in the Pattern Shop until Friday July 20th.

Let me know what patterns you would like to see next!

2 thoughts on “Calico Critter Overall Pattern + Sale”

  1. Hello,
    We would like to buy this pattern. We live in Canada. The paypal account won’t work because we don’t have a paypal account registered in the United States. My daughter would like to crochet this for her sister for Christmas. Is there any way we can get the pattern?
    Thank You!

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    1. A free version of the Overall pattern is now available on my website, just search: Overall Pattern. Let me know if your daughter has any problems with the pattern, and I hope she enjoys making it! I would love to see pictures of the finished outfit!
      Unfortunately PayPal buttons don’t work outside of the United States.


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