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2 Sides Are Better Than One Scrubby

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By far, the single item I made and sold the most of last year were my simple 3 round face rounds, with a total of nearly 150 face rounds! Because they’re quick, simple and functional, the free pattern for them has also been popular and the simplicity of the rounds make it a great launching point for so many different variations, such as the Peppermint Swirl version I shared in December.

Recently, I was inspired by the soap sacks I’d recently made out of Scrub-Off – a yarn that alternates sections of smooth cotton with sections of scrubby cotton – to make something similar based off of the face rounds.

A few different experiments later and this lovely 2 sided round was born.

Like my original Face Round pattern, this iteration has a smooth side but it also features a lovely exfoliating scrubby side, similar to a traditional terrycloth washcloth. The smooth side is great for applying facial products and removing makeup, while the scrubby side is great for washing your face and can help remove buildup.

I’ve been using it myself over the last few days, both in the morning to wash my face, and in the shower, and I think it may be the best version yet!

From start to finish these only take me 20 minutes at the most, making these a great last minute make and a nice addition to a self care / spa package.

In addition to eliminating single use face rounds and makeup removal wipes, they are environmentally friendly too. Being made out of 100% cotton means that they don’t emit micro-plastics into the water when washed, and when too worn out to be useful anymore, they can be put in a compost bin and they will completely decompose within 1-5 months.


2 Mode Face Rounds

You will need:

  • Scrubby cotton yarn (7.5 yards / 6.8 meters)
  • Smooth cotton yarn (7.5 yards / 6.8 meters)
  • H/5.00mm crochet hook
  • Yarn needle, to weave in end
  • Scissors

Finished size – 3 inches (7.5 cm) in diameter.

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For this version you will need two different yarns: a smooth medium weight cotton (such as Peaches & Creme) and a scrubby cotton yarn (such as Red Heart Scrubby Cotton or Yarn Bee’s Scrubology Cotton). Make sure that your scrubby yarn is 100% cotton, as many scrubby yarns can also be made out of polyester which is much too harsh for your skin.

These are a great project for any scraps of cotton that you might have, as these require 7.5 yards (6.8 meters) per side and the two sides don’t have to be the same color. Playing around with different color combos is part of the fun!

If you are more of a visual learner, check out my Instagram (@yarnbending) where I have a video tutorial on how to make the basic 1-2-3 face rounds with smooth cotton. I will also be making one about this pattern soon.

Round 1 – Exfoliating Side:

With scrubby cotton:

Magic ring

Rnd 1: ch 2, 10 dc into ring, (carefully) pull ring closed and join with sl-st to first st (10 sts)

Rnd 2: ch 2, 2 dc in each stitch around, join to first st (20 sts)

Tip: Crochet over your staring tail, this leaves one less end to weave in later.

Rnd 3: ch 2, *dc, 2 dc in next st* repeat from *to* around, join to first st (30 sts)

Fasten off and set aside for now.

Round 2 – Smooth Side:

With smooth cotton yarn,

Repeat Rounds 1-3 of the first side, but do not fasten off.

Putting It All Together:

With the wrong sides of the two rounds together tuck the tail end of the scrubby side into the space between the two rounds to save having to weave it in. With the smooth cotton, slip stitch the two sides together.

Fasten off and weave in end.

Enjoy your new 2 mode face round with your favorite face wash.

Copyright 2021

Caring For Your Face Rounds

After use, rinse the round out thoroughly with cold water to remove any remaining soap or other products. Squeeze the remaining water out and lay it flat to dry.

These are machine washable, just put them in a dedicates laundry bag and wash in cold water (cold water avoids setting any stains) along with laundry detergent and white vinegar to fight stains and odor, if needed. Do not use fabric softener, as it coats the fibers and can lower the ability of the rounds to properly do their job.

Don’t machine dry, instead, lay them flat to dry. This prevents them from shrinking.

If you make this, be sure to tag me on Instagram @yarnbending so I can see the versions YOU make!


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