Finished Projects

What I’ve Been Working On + Project Planning

It’s hard to believe that I haven’t really posted anything I’ve been working on. I didn’t mean to neglect the site. While most of this strange year has felt really long, the last few months seem to have gone by rather quickly. This is probably due in part to how busy we’ve been over the last few months with various things including house hunting, doctors appointments, and cars breaking down multiple times.

In June and the first part of July we were house hunting. We eventually found a lovely 1960’s house in mid-July and will sign on it in less then a week.

We’ll be busy next month with cleaning, painting and various small renovations before we move in, so today I thought I’d share some of the projects I’ve recently completed and some of my current projects, as well as some upcoming projects + posts I have planned.


Finished Projects:

Lace Shawl

The biggest project that I finished in July is the half pi lace shawl I started in March back when this whole shutdown started. It’s such a beautiful shawl and I am so so pleased with how this turned out!

The pattern is Vernal Equinox, a free pattern by Lankakomero. I used all seven charts and did not go with any variations. Almost every row is different and every chart is a different lace pattern, so it keeps things interesting.

It’s not terribly hard if you are used to reading knitting charts.

The only problem I had was when I lost track of where I was in row 217 and then spent 2 hours ripping that row out and then redoing it.

To bind off, I used the crochet doily edging that’s included in the pattern. It took me forever to cast off because 1. I don’t generally hold the crochet hook in my right hand and 2. it’s over 600 stitches!

The yarn I used is Woolike by Loops & Thread in Ice Blue. This is such a lovely color (photos don’t do it justice) and is very soft for an acrylic yarn. I used one full skein and then a little more than half of a 2nd skein.

I have not been able to measure it since my sewing tape measure isn’t long enough to measure something of this size and I can’t find my longer one. To give you a sense of how big this shawl is, I’m 5’6″ and from top to bottom this shawl reaches past my hips with a wingspan that dangles over my fingertips. It also dangles over my sister’s fingertips and she is at least 3 inches taller than I am.

I haven’t blocked it yet, I will do that after we move. It will also be much bigger when I do that.


Potted Baby Groot

I finished my Potted Baby Groot in plenty of time for my Marvel obsessed little sister’s birthday next month. The pattern I used is Twinkie Chan’s Baby Groot free crochet pattern.

I wired the entire skeleton with floral wire instead of pipe cleaners like the pattern uses. It was a bit more of a pain to bend wire, but it was what I already had. I made one chain vine length about 18 inches long and wrapped it around the trunk. I made leaves in a variety of sizes and sewed them in various places on his body, arms, and head.

The pot I’m using is a small ceramic pot from a small flowered IKEA plant that died. To make him sit higher up in the pot, I put some pebbles in the bottom first. I then put Groot in, along with some more smooth pebbles all around the base.

He is so adorable and I can’t wait to give him to my sister!

Mini Market Bag

A smaller project I finished this month was making a cute little net market bag. I am in the process of writing up the pattern and will publish the pattern this week, so stay tuned!


Current Works in progress:


Since many of my 2020 projects are completed, I decided to take a 2nd attempt at the previously furloughed sock goal and cast on some new socks. The pattern I’m using is Petty Harbour by Rayna Curtis. It’s a simple, yet interesting pattern and so far I’m really enjoying knitting them. Hopefully these will not be subject to second sock syndrome! The yarn I am using is Lion Brand’s Sock Ease in Snow Cone.

Temperature Quilt

I am still working on this but am a few months behind. So far I’ve completed January’s strip but then I realized I put one block in wrong and then had to rip it out and redo it. Thankfully it wasn’t that far from the end and I didn’t have to take out too much! I have also cut out the squares for February, I just haven’t pinned + sewn them together yet. I also have all of the temperatures up to date in my Excel spreadsheet.


Upcoming Projects:

My upcoming knitting projects mostly consist of winter projects for myself but I do have a few projects planned for family members.

  • Fingerless gloves for myself. The pattern I’m planning on using is Spira Mitts by Holly Terrell with Lion Brand’s Superwash Merino yarn.
  • Fingerless gloves for my younger sister. Right now she’s leaning toward the Piitu Mitts pattern by Heidi Alander.
  • Cowl for myself. The pattern I’m going to use is Little Creek Buff by Jacqui Verbeek with a silk / bamboo yarn that I already have in my stash.
  • Socks for my grandpa. These will be for his birthday in October. He loves brightly colored socks, so I plan on making these in a special indie sock yarn.

I also have a few bigger sewing projects planned for after we move and I have more space for such projects.

The first one on the list is a dressing gown inspired by Christine’s from The Phantom of the Opera. Since I can’t really go anywhere for the foreseeable future, why not make pajamas fun costumes?

What projects are you working on or planning?


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