Top 5 Crochet Books For Beginners

Below are top 5 favorite crochet books for the absolute beginner.


I Can’t Believe I’m Crocheting by Leisure Arts

This was the book I used to teach myself to crochet when I was 5. It has great step-by-step photos for both right-handed & left-handed crocheters.  This is probably my favorite book for the absolute beginner.

Crochet, The complete step-by-step guide by DK

With 320 pages, this more of a crochet encyclopedia. I love pretty much all instructional books by DK, and this one is one of my many favorites.

The Crocheter’s Skill Building Workshop by Dora Ohrenstein

This is great for crocheters of all levels, it starts with the basic stitches, and goes all the way through advanced finishing techniques.

The Complete Photo Guide To Crochet by Margaret Hubert

This is a great book with interesting stitch patterns, and great step-by-step photos. Note: it does not have leftie tutorials.



Teach Yourself Visually Crochet by Cecily Keim & Kim P. Werker

This book not only covers the basic crochet stitches & stitch combos, it also has chapters on things such as : How to Follow a Pattern, Troubleshooting, Tunisian Crochet, Broomstick Lace, how to make pom-poms, how to insert a zipper, & much more. It also has 19 patterns.


What are your favorite crochet books for beginners?

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