My Rescued Dogs

I have two dogs, Wishbone, a 3 year-old mutt; and Lego a 18 month-old Basenji-Brittney Spaniel mix (both rescues.)

© left-handed crochet

My oldest dog, Wishbone, was found wandering by the side of the road in 2013. He was about 5-6 months old and weighed 24 pounds, we adopted him when he was 8 months old & 30 pounds. We will have had him for 3 years this August.

My parents said that one dog was enough trouble, we were not getting another dog. And that was true, for 17 months.

All it took was one visit to the animal shelter and my mom fell in love with another dog. That is how we came to find our second dog Lego.

Lego sitting
Lego at 3 months old.
©left-handed crochet

Lego was found abandoned, along with 4 other dogs on one of the coldest nights of December in 2014. She was so thin and malnourished that the shelter said she wouldn’t have survived for long in the freezing weather.  Our plan initially was to just foster her, but after two days of fostering her, we decided we just couldn’t let her go. We adopted her in January  2015.

Animal cruelty has become an important subject to me, so I started crocheting dog magnets to raise awareness of animal cruelty.  I am selling them in my town and am going to give a percentage of the proceeds to my local animal shelter that is trying to build a new  shelter. So far I have made 8, and am aiming to make 15-20.

Things You Can Do To Help Stop Animal Cruelty:

1. Stop abandoning your dogs out in the country! This is a big problem where I live.

2. Spay & Neuter Your Dogs & Cats!

3. Adopt From Your Local Animal Shelter Instead Of Buying Puppies From Pet Stores.

Most of the dogs in pet stores come from puppy mils and have many health problems.  When you adopt from shelters, you are saving a dog’s life. Shelters often have purebred dogs and puppies, not just mutts.

Lego & Wishbone’s Christmas photo 2015.
© left-handed crochet

If you have a rescued dog, tell there story below.

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