February Progress – 2020 Goals

You may remember that last month I wrote a list of my goals for 2020. I have made progress with some, others not so much. Read on to find out which ones they are!

Crafting Goals:

Knit a sweater

I have finished the body & am now working on the left sleeve. Sweater knitting can be kind of monotonous, so I keep working on this in spurts.

Knit 1 lace something

Haven’t started on this one yet, but I hope to soon.  Let me know in the comments what your favorite lace shawl patterns are!

Use up my yarn stash before buying new yarn

I’ve been good about this one. I used up a fairly big ball on my Stroller Blanket. I’ve also got some lace weight yarn that will be used for the previous goal.

Finish a pair of socks

Why? Why did I make this a goal? I do have a half finished sock that I should probably work on, but will I?

Update blog more

If you’re reading this, I’ve updated it at least once.

Remember to take photos & update Instagram regularly

I do my best, it’s hard to know what’s “Insta-worthy”.

Other (non crafty) Goals:

Practicing more

Doing pretty well at this, not quite 15 hours, but still better than before. My main goal has been to avoid reinjuring my shoulder, so I’ve been easing myself into practicing. I’ve got a Beethoven concert in late March that I’m currently preparing for.

Learn & memorize a concerto

I’ve been studying Bach’s Violin Concerto in A Minor. I haven’t fully memorized it yet (I have about a page down), but I have played through. It’s not Julliard worthy, but I’m proud of the progress I’ve made. I’ve also been working on the Largo movement from Vivaldi’s Winter .

Learn a language

I’ve been working on Spanish, since it’s the most useful to me with what I do. I currently have a 90 day streak on Duolingo, and have memorized enough to ask & understand the basic needs of a 4 year old.

Follow me on @yarnbending on Instagram to keep up with what I’m working on!

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