U.S. & U.K. Crochet Terminology Cheat Sheet

Below is a table of crochet terms in both U.S. terminology & U.K. terminology. The main way to tell if a pattern is an American pattern or not, is if the pattern says single crochet (sc). The British and European systems do not use sc as an abbreviation.

U.S. Abbreviation U.K. Abbreviation
single crochet (sc) double crochet (dc)
half-double crochet (hdc) half-treble crochet (htr)
double crochet (dc) treble crochet (tr)
treble crochet (tr) double treble crochet (dtr)
double treble (dtr) triple treble (tr tr)
triple treble (tr tr) quadruple treble (qtr)

As always, please comment below if you have any questions or problems.

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