Lizard Costume

In July we were busy with our community theater’s production of Cinderella. My younger sister Karina, was Liz the lizard. I was cast last minute (10 days before the first performance) as an extra village person.

Since it was a small production we didn’t have a costume designer, so everyone was pretty much in charge of making their own costumes.

Karina in her lizard costume and makeup.

For the lizard we used a mint green tunic & leggings purchased off Amazon. Then we had to make a tail. After many Google & Amazon searches, we found nothing.  My Mom and I decided to design the tail ourselves, Mom figured out a design, and I sewed the tail.

**Pattern for personal use only not for resale, please do not claim this pattern as your own.**

Here are the links to the tunics and leggings:

Mint green tunic 

Mint green leggings.

Here is the pattern for the tail.


You will need:

Lizard tail:
2 yards fabric (You could get away with 1 yard if making this for a small child)
Sewing thread
Fiberfill ( I used 14-15 oz for mine)

Lizard tail:

Using a tape measure, measure from your waist to the floor. This will be the length of your tail.
Step 1: After ironing your fabric, fold the long edge of the fabric over about 7 inches. Mark a long triangle and cut out. Iron your triangle.
Step 2: With triangle still folded in half, sew along the angled edge, leaving the top open for stuffing.
lizard-tail-patternStep 3: Press open seam (optional). Turn right side out. To stuff the tail, you may need to use a dowel or a knitting needle (just be careful to not poke the dowel through the seam). Step4: After you have stuffed the tail, sew the top of it, first along the edge, then about 3/4 of an inch below that.
Waist band:
Measure around your waist.
Step 5: With the fabric edge folded down about 2 1/2 inches cut a piece of fabric that is as long as your waist measurement + 2 inches. The extra 2 inches is for the velcro. Sew along the edges, leaving the one end open.

Clip the corners and press the seams open. Turn right side out. Try the tail on and mark where the velcro and tail need to be sewn on.

Sew the tail to the center back of your waistband.

Cut 4 pieces of velcro about 2 inches long and sew them parallel to each other with 2 on each side.

If any of this is not clear, please let me know in the comments.

After each performance we had a receiving line/photo opportunity out in the lobby. Several little kids came up to Karina saying: “You were my favorite character” as well as some who just wanted photos with her and not Cinderella. They were all facinated by her tail (they couldn’t figure out how it stayed on).

The entire cast of Cinderella

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