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My Favorite Repeat Crochet Patterns

Even though I love trying new patterns, there are a few patterns that I find myself coming back to over and over.

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Mini Spa Package

One of my favorite parts of the Christmas season is making gifts for family and friends. In years passed I've done more elaborate things (one year it was ruffled scarfs, another year it was shawls), this year I've decided to keep things fairly simple and make this mini spa package. The best part is you… Continue reading Mini Spa Package

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Scrub-ology Yarn Review

This dishcloth set was my Christmas present for my Grandmother. The patterns I used are: Hurdle Stitch Diagonal Dishcloth by Tricots et Creations Isabelle (bottom right), Sandstone Dishcloth by Anastey Lovely (left), & Tribble by Abigail - 1870pearl (upper right) (all of these are free patterns). The yarn I used is Yarn Bee's Scrubology Cotton… Continue reading Scrub-ology Yarn Review


Top 5 Worst Yarns For Beginners

Following yesterday's post on the Top 5 Yarns For Beginners, here are the Top 5 Worst Yarns For Beginners. These yarns can be problematic even for more experienced crocheters. 1. Lion Brand Homespun This yarn is one of the most hated yarns, even for experienced crocheters. It's a single ply yarn and single ply yarns… Continue reading Top 5 Worst Yarns For Beginners


Top 5 Yarns For Beginning Crocheters

Choosing yarn as a beginner can be daunting, there are tons of brands, colors and weights to choose from. At first, a medium weight (no. 4) acrylic yarn in a light color is best. Acrylic slides better on the hook, and a light color allows you to see your stitches better. All of the yarns… Continue reading Top 5 Yarns For Beginning Crocheters


Top 5 Crochet Books For Beginners

Below are top 5 favorite crochet books for the absolute beginner.   I Can't Believe I'm Crocheting by Leisure Arts This was the book I used to teach myself to crochet when I was 5. It has great step-by-step photos for both right-handed & left-handed crocheters.  This is probably my favorite book for the absolute… Continue reading Top 5 Crochet Books For Beginners


Disney Princess Crochet Kit Review

With Disney's new Beauty & The Beast having come out last month, I thought it would be an appropriate time to review the Disney Princess Crochet Kit. Note: I bought this myself, and was not endorsed for this post. I have had my eye on this for about a year and finally got it a few months ago as a… Continue reading Disney Princess Crochet Kit Review


Star Wars Crochet Kit

Star Wars Crochet Kit $18.73 on Amazon This month in anticipation of the release of Rouge One, I decided to do a review of the Star Wars Crochet Kit. My parents gave this to me as a Christmas present last year, I was not compensated for this post. This kit designed by Lucy Collin, features 12… Continue reading Star Wars Crochet Kit