Crochet Tutorials

Slip Knot Tutorial For Lefties

This is the first thing any beginner should know, and it is the foundation of every crochet project involving a chain stitch.   Wrap the yarn counterclockwise twice. (Righties wrap the yarn clockwise twice.) Insert your hook under both loops... ...and pull tight to create the slip knot. If you have any questions, please leave… Continue reading Slip Knot Tutorial For Lefties


My Yarn Storage Solution

I finally finished my yarn storage system!  I was getting tired of tangled yarn whenever I would try to find something in my yarn baskets. Below is how I made my yarn storage system.   I started off with an empty bookcase. Then I had to organize my yarn, I did this by using collapsible fabric… Continue reading My Yarn Storage Solution

Crochet Tutorials

Double Crochet Tutorial (For Lefties)

Double crochet is a very common stitch in crochet patterns so it is a very useful stitch to know. Abbreviated dc in American patterns, tr in U.K. and European patterns. Start with chaining 15. Yarn over with your right hand. 2. Insert your hook in the 4th chain from the hook (this is for the first chain… Continue reading Double Crochet Tutorial (For Lefties)

Crochet Tutorials

Beginning Crochet Tutorial (For Lefties)

We will start with the very basics of crochet- the slip knot, chain stitch and single crochet. You will need: A ball of yarn, preferably acrylic (it slides better on the hook than cotton does) A size G/4.5 or size H/5.00 crochet hook Slip knot: Leaving about a six inch tail, position your yarn like… Continue reading Beginning Crochet Tutorial (For Lefties)