My Favorite Crochet Books

Ami Ami Dogs & Ami Ami Dogs 2 by Mitsuki Hoshi. I have both of these books and have made numerous dogs from both books. They are very adorable and very detailed little dogs. The majority of patterns in the books are for small breeds of dogs (such as Pugs and Chihuahuas). The first book contains patterns… Continue reading My Favorite Crochet Books

Crochet Patterns

Jellyfish Pattern Inspired By ABC Crochet

ABC Crochet by Mitsuki Hoshi This post contains affiliate links, if you purchase something through one of these links I may earn a small commission. These links help support the blog, thank you! I have Mitsuki Hoshi's first 2 books Ami Ami Dogs and Ami Ami Dogs 2. I love these books and have made… Continue reading Jellyfish Pattern Inspired By ABC Crochet