Crochet Patterns

Calico Critter Daffodil Dress

Inspired by the color and shape of daffodils; My latest Calico Critter design is this Daffodil dress. This is an intermediate-advanced pattern that uses front-post double crochet & a special shell stitch. The pattern PDF includes instructions for both adult figures (pictured) & child figures. I hope you like it! Pattern PDF cost is $2.75… Continue reading Calico Critter Daffodil Dress

Crochet Patterns

Calico Critter Child Cardigan

After I designed the summer dress I published yesterday, I decided to design something extra to to go with it. The result is this cute little cardigan. I think it gives the dress an entirely new look. This cardigan also works with any of the other CC child dress patterns I've designed. It uses a… Continue reading Calico Critter Child Cardigan

Crochet Patterns

Calico Critter V-stitch Sundress

Ever since I first saw Calico Critters, I've loved them. I love the little pieces, the cute figures, and the different furniture sets. However, I noticed that they don't really make extra clothes for the figures. Today, I'm sharing my Calico Critter V-stitch sundress pattern.  I created the pattern a few months ago for my… Continue reading Calico Critter V-stitch Sundress


Throwback Thursday: Crafty From An Early Age

This week as I was going through photos, I found a photo of one of my first crafts. This is a photo of the baby carrier I made for my doll when I was 6 years old. All it consisted of was a piece of felt that I sewed at the top, decorated (with buttons, googley… Continue reading Throwback Thursday: Crafty From An Early Age

Crochet Patterns

My Crochet Doll Book Review & Leotard Pattern

One of my favorite amigurumi crochet books is My Crochet Doll by Isabelle Kessedjian. I discovered it while browsing at Barnes & Noble and immediately fell in love with all the cute designs for the dolls and there clothes. The only thing you have to remember is that the book is written in British terminology, not U.S.… Continue reading My Crochet Doll Book Review & Leotard Pattern