How To Find Yarn Yardage Without Unraveling

Whether I like it or not, math is an integral part of designing and aside from my crochet hooks, is probably the tool I use the most. It's used in everything from figuring out stitch count, sizing, and finding the yardage of yarn used in my designs or projects. This last point is what today's… Continue reading How To Find Yarn Yardage Without Unraveling


My Favorite Crochet Designers

Below is a list of my favorite crochet designers. I have made items from all of these designers and absolutely love all of them.   1. Repeat Crafter Me http://www.repeatcrafterme.com 2. Ahookamigurumi http://www.ahookamigurumi.com 3. Heidi Bears http://www.heidibearscreative.blogspot.com 4.One Dog Woof  http://www.1dogwoof.com 5. Tillie Tulip http://www.tillietulip.blogspot.com 6. Daisy Cottage Designs http://www.daisycottagedesigns.net 7.The CrochetCrowd http://www.thecrochetcrowd.com 8. Megan Kreiner http://www.mkcrochet.com 9. Lucy Collins http://www.lucyravenscar.blogspot.com… Continue reading My Favorite Crochet Designers