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Spa Soap Sack Pattern

Spa Soap Sack Free pattern + chart With Mother's Day coming up this weekend, I thought I'd share this easy & quick pattern for a soap sack. Pair this with a bar of luxury soap and you've got an inexpensive gift in no time! The soap bar I'm using is by Buff City Soap, a… Continue reading Spa Soap Sack Pattern

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“Set Fire To Your Hair” Dumb Ways To Die Amigurumi Last year while visiting my extended family, my 3 year old cousin (and his mom) introduced us to Tangerine Kitty's Dumb Ways To Die. My sisters loved it and listened to it a LOT. After watching it for the twentieth time, I realized that the characters would make awesome crocheted amigurumi figures.  I decided… Continue reading “Set Fire To Your Hair” Dumb Ways To Die Amigurumi


Calico Critter Diaper Pattern

Those little diapers that come with the baby critter figures are adorable, but once the little bows that hold them together come undone, they are almost impossible to re-tie, leaving your poor little baby figures with nothing to wear! Remedy that situation by making this cute little diaper for them to wear. You will need:… Continue reading Calico Critter Diaper Pattern

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Morning Glory Dress

This dress, inspired by the morning glory flower, is my latest pattern release. This dress is a little different than my other CC patterns, in that it uses a small amount of Shawl In A Ball yarn, instead of thread. It is also a little bit more difficult. I hope you like it! Note: the… Continue reading Morning Glory Dress

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Calico Critter Baby Skirt

My latest crochet pattern is this cute little baby skirt for the Calico Critter baby figure. With only 3 rounds, this pattern works up really quickly, I made one up in less than half an hour. You will need: cotton crochet thread #10 10/1.30mm crochet hook cord elastic scissors needle, to weave in ends Sizes:… Continue reading Calico Critter Baby Skirt

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Large, Durable, Reusable Plarn Tote

©Yarnbending Last year one of my New Year's resolutions was to see if I could make a large, sturdy, durable and reusable shopping bag out of... shopping bags. After several Google and Ravelry searches, I failed to find a pattern that I liked, so I designed my own. I am so excited to share the… Continue reading Large, Durable, Reusable Plarn Tote

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Calico Critter V-stitch Sundress

Today I'm sharing my Calico Critter V-stitch sundress pattern.  I created the pattern a few months ago for my younger sister's much loved Calico Critter figures as a birthday present. This pattern fits the child and toddler figures. Add this pattern to your Ravelry queue You will need: Mercerized cotton crochet thread 10/1.30mm crochet hook… Continue reading Calico Critter V-stitch Sundress

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Paddington Bear Hat

I love it when I can re-use some of my old patterns to make a new one. This time I altered my Rain or Bowler Hat For Babies  pattern and turned it into a Paddington Bear hat (You know from the Paddington Bear book series about a bear who loves orange marmalade). You will need: Red… Continue reading Paddington Bear Hat

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Preemie Baby Dress

A few months ago I made a preemie dress out an old McCall's pattern my Grandmother gave me. After finishing it, I realized something was missing and made this edging to go with it. The finished dress loos like a Victorian era christening gown.   You will need: Cotton crochet thread 1.15-1.25 mm crochet hook… Continue reading Preemie Baby Dress

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Reusable Swiffer Cloth

For earth day this week I decided to make a reusable alternative to the disposable Swiffer clothes. The crochet part is beginner, but you do need to know how to sew elastic on with a sewing machine This pattern is property of Left-handed Crochet, you may not sell the finished product or pattern online. The yarn… Continue reading Reusable Swiffer Cloth