Top 5 Worst Yarns For Beginners

Following yesterday’s post on the Top 5 Yarns For Beginners, here are the Top 5 Worst Yarns For Beginners. These yarns can be problematic even for more experienced crocheters.

1. Lion Brand Homespun

This yarn is one of the most hated yarns, even for experienced crocheters. It’s a single ply yarn and single ply yarns are very difficult to work with, due to the fact that the thickness of the yarn changes throughout the skein. It also tends to snag and squeak on the hook.

Once washed, finished items made from this yarn tend to pill and fall apart if your ends are too short.

 2. Yarn Bee Soft Secret

This 3 ply is very loosely spun, as a result it tends to snag on the hook. It also sheds all over your hands and clothes as you work with it. Finished items made from this yarn are also very weak and stretch easily.

3. Dippity Dots

This yarn isn’t much of a problem to work up, but it’s a pain to rip out if you happen to make a mistake.

4. Bernat Baby Blanket

Any kind of chenille yarn is hard to work with, even when you’re more experienced. It obscures the stitches and also breaks very easily when you rip it back.

5. Bernat Baby Coordinates

This yarn tends to snag, due to the silver rayon thread running through the yarn.

What is the worst yarn that you’ve ever worked with?

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